Cold-formed metal stud framing consists of structural and non-structural elements that are made by rolling or pressing steel into shapes and sizes that are similar to dimensional lumber at a low temperature (cold working).

Over the past several decades, the use of cold-formed metal framing has increased in the residential and multi-family market, because it allows designers more flexibility than wood framing. Cold forming also products a thin, light product that is able to withstand high wind loads, coupled with high-dimensional tolerance and a uniform quality. A variety of steel thicknesses and sizes are available for all structural and non-structural applications.

At Sage Interior Finishes, we use cold formed metal framing for our construction projects for several key benefits:

  • Shorter construction schedules as a result of cold formed metal being able to load bear quickly.
  • Metal framing is straight and will not split or warp, and is resistant to insects, mold and rot.
  • Cold-formed metal framing is non-combustible; it will not burn nor will it contribute to a fire.
  • Helps meet fire code assembly requirements more easily and less expensively.
  • Available in any lengths from 1’6” up to 52’

Another major advantage to cold formed metal products is it represents an advancement in green industry practices since they are required to contain at least 25% recycled material.

Cold Formed Metal Stud Framing Services In Des Moines, Iowa