Non-structural metal stud framing is derived from cold form techniques, which is made from rolling or pressing steel into shapes and sizes that are similar to dimensional lumber at a low temperature (cold working).

At Sage Interior Finishes, we use non-structural metal stud framing, which is made of light gauge cold-formed metal. The term light gauge refers to the relative thinness of each member.

This method serves a variety of benefits:

  • Not designed to carry any axial loads.
  • Designed to support the dead load of many wall finishes, such as gypsum board.
  • Metal framing is straight and will not split or warp, and is resistant to insects, mold and rot.
  • Metal framing is non-combustible; it will not burn nor will it contribute to a fire.
  • Helps meet fire code assembly requirements more easily and less expensively.

Available in several lengths and widths to accommodate several applications.

Non-Structural Metal Stud Framing Services In Des Moines, Iowa